What’s Right With Our Schools: CCA Student Earns National Art Award

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – A very talented illustrator has honed her skills at the Center for Creative Arts in Chattanooga for the past few years. Now, the nation is taking notice.

Chad Burnette teaches Visual Art at CCA.

He says, “I have been Faith’s teacher for three, three years now, and she has always been a great student. Approaches all of our art projects in a meaningful way and does a really great job. Just about everything we give to her comes back top notch. Definitely one of the most talented students that we have had come through CCA, and she is just a freshman so winning in a national award is a pretty big deal.”

Faith Daan is a rising sophomore these days.

She remembers, “When I first started drawing, it wasn’t good. I think I improved by sitting down and looking at things and drawing them. That ,to me, falls under studying. I feel like I’m not in a place that I think I really have skills in this. It’s just more like I think I have potential to be a really good at drawing and making stuff. So, I think that’s a big motivator to why am still trying to study certain things and improve in drawing certain things. So, if because I was drawing another contest earlier in the year I thought that I might as well try out this one and it was for extra credit, which is the biggest reason why I wanted to try drawing in this one. I wasn’t really expecting to really get far. The prompt was ‘What would it be like to go to a school full of superheroes?’ And, I mostly just, I really like really colorful illustrative stuff. And I thought that this the problem was leading me to a lot of kind of like I put a lot of detail and chaos going on. So, that’s kind of where the title comes from, ‘Young Chaos’.”


Chad concludes, “She’s definitely going to be a professional artist. We get handful of kids that go to Art School, or they will do this or they will do that. And then there are few of them that I recognize right off the bat that that is what they are actually going to end up doing as a professional career. So I think she could get a job illustrating or painting anything in the arts like that I think she is not going to have any problems at all.”



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