What’s Right With Our Schools: Chattanooga Christian School’s Missions Club

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Chattanooga Christian School is on a Mission.

Melania Ray teaches Life Science at CCS.

She says, “The program is called Missions Club, and our main purpose is to encourage and build up the student body and the faculty at CCS,  specifically the Middle School, but we also appreciate the opportunities to go outside the school and be the hands and feet of Jesus be on the school building itself.  Currently, we are able to partner with Teen Challenge by collecting different supplies from notebooks, to highlighters, to mechanical pencils, which were specific requests, that they had in order to enable their students to take notes, and especially related to Bible studies.”

Ava Miller is a 6th Grader, CCS.

She says, “This is just a fence entry that definitely covers our school. We have P.E., and we go on the track a lot, and so often we would ask each other, you know, what is on the other side of this, because we never knew if it was just houses or what was over here, but with Missions Club, and us being able to find out, we found out that we actually live by community. That helps a lot of people in our city, and it helps a lot of people get back on there feet, and I thought that was cool to finally know.
David McNabb is the President and CEO of Adult and Teen Challenge MidSouth.

He says, “We have been neighbors for so long since, I think, I said 1987. We have seen each other grow overtime, and it’s so funny because we are so this similar, in the way and the clientele that we have that little chain-link fence might as well be a 10 foot high wall. We are so appreciative of all the things that they have brought to us. It is going to last us for sometime, but more important is that the fact that we built a relationship between, we know what each other does. And that means so much to us.”

Andie Rolen is a 6th grader at CCS.

She says, “I just love the thought of like helping our neighbors who needed some help or like wanted the help that we could give them.

Melania concludes, “I’m hoping that these students get a broader understanding of how we can help those beyond our own school. And how we need it to have our eyes open to not just was happening right in front of us, but also in our neighborhood around us. It actually makes a great connection to our next unit that we are having which is related to our neighbors.”

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