What’s Right With Our Schools: $100,000 Grant for Rossville Middle School

ROSSVILLE, GA (WDEF) – One hundred thousand dollars isn’t just good money, if you invest it in the right things, it can be life changing.  Thanks to an award from TVA and EBP, Rossville Middle School has a chance make long lasting improvements.


Kevin Wren with TVA says, “I’m glad to see you guys earned this this grant. We’ve got about 160 schools that we’re going to be working with over the next three years,  investing about 8 million across TVA’s service territory.”

Robert Stinson is the Principal at Rossville Middle.

He says, “It’s a nice grant. It’s going to be life-changing for us here at Rossville Middle School and we’re we’re very appreciative of it. The grant is a hundred thousand dollars, and we have a great community.  We’ve got great students, but that kind of money, you know, our students deserve the absolute best, and a hundred thousand dollars to go to improving the learning environment is is fantastic.”

Chris Jones is the Director of Facilities and Operations for Walker County Schools.

He says, “The biggest thing that we talked about earlier, just just a few minutes ago,  was putting energy, lighting controls. We have a control system here that’s  aged, and what we’d like to do is go into our classrooms, as Mr Stinson said and put motion sensor lighting.”

Principal Stinson chips in, “These grant funds will enable us to automate these lights so that when students come in the room, the lights go on automatically, and when they leave they go off.”

Chris adds, ” I know Mr Stinson and his crew have been looking at an outdoor walking trail, outdoor learning lab, those type things with some of the money to get students involved, and show them what what we can do and how to save, save energy, save money.”

Paula Reed is the Media Specialist at Rossville Middle.

She says, “For the media center I’m not really sure, but I have a long list of possibilities, because I’ve learned if I have a wish list, then somebody offers me money, then chances are really good I can get it filled really quickly. We have kids with asthma. We have our head janitor has asthma, and I’m really hoping that we can do something about the carpet. This furniture is wonderful oak furniture, but it will never die. I would like to have things more modern in here just to keep it more interesting. So, I would like to look at some ways to make this area more inviting and more attractive to the kids.”

Principal Stinson concludes,  “The better that we can transform this place into a dynamic and even digital learning environment for them, the better. So, this funding will allow our students to become more energy conscious citizens, and we want to thank TVA and EPB for partnering with us, for believing in Rossville Middle School and for investing in our students.”



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