What’s Right With Our Schools: Chattanooga Christian Surf Club

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – As far as states go, Tennessee is just about as landlocked as they come, but our geographic disadvantage was only a minor obstacle for a highly motivated Chattanooga Christian teacher.

Travis “Chaplain” Hutchinson is the Surf Club Sponsor for CCS.

He explains, “Every year our school has something called interim where we take kids for a week and introduce them to a new experience. And so for a couple years I took kids down to south Florida, and we taught them how to surf and they spent a week surfing, and after they did that a couple of years, I had some of them who were saying, ‘Hey, we want to do more. Is there any way that we can do this?’ And I thought, well,I mean we’re seven hours from the nearest beach, sure, and so we started taking weekend trips down to Florida camping, surfing. It grew. We started with kind of a small group of kids, and now we have more kids interested than we can take, so.”


Daisy Bowman is a Freshman at CCS.

Daisy says, “Why surf club? Well my sister did it, and I thought it looked fun, so i tried it.”

Jessica Barrett is a female chaperone for the Surf Club.

She explains, “So, typically what we do is,  we end a school week, and then we get everybody in the bus by roughly four o’clock maybe 3 45, if we get get it the way we want, and then we drive as quickly as we can (obviously with the speed limit) down to our destination; frequently stopping, getting lunches, or dinners.”

Mr. Hutchinson concludes, “It’s some wonderful time together. We camp together. We get to talk get to know each other on a whole nother level. You know, you have an idea in your mind about the things that you can do, and this just seems like the thing that nobody could do. You know they watch somebody on TV,  they see a movie, they see people surfing. They think I live in Tennessee, I’m maybe I’m not,  you know I don’t think of myself as an athlete, there’s just no way I could do that. I have no idea how to start, and here we are, and we’re doing something that they never imagined they could do, and it kind of opens up their minds to possibilities.”



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