What’s Right With Our Schools: Chattanooga Prep Thanksgiving Meals

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Chattanooga Prep is doing its part to make sure all its school families have a bountiful Thanksgiving.
They’ve already handed out enough food to feed a multitude.

Micah Reed is the Chief Operating Officer for Chattanooga Preparatory School.

She explains, “Every year we do a Thanksgiving dinner, but of course the last couple years we haven’t been able to do it in person, because of the virus. So, last year we did a pickup and all the meals were boxed and families RSVP’d, and they came and picked up a dinner, so we’re doing the same thing again this year.

Montrell Besley is Chatt Prep’s Director of Community Engagement.

He says, “Some families may not have it, but other families do, but it’s all about just showing, you know, you’re appreciated. We think about you all the time. We want you to be a part of our school. We just wanted to do it a little early this year, just to make sure our families know that we’re thankful for them.”

Jimmy Fluellen is a Chatt Prep grandparent.

He chis in, “Oh man, it’s a it’s a blessing from the Lord. I’ve got three grandchildren, my daughter passing, we’re raising three grandchildren. This is youngest, that’s the middle one, got a granddaughter, and it’s gonna provide a meal for us.”

Maria Leal is a Chatt Prep Parent.

She adds, “Not a lot of families, now, in the times that we’re in right now with the struggles that so many families have, you know, this will be a time that they can sit together enjoy it together, talk about all the things that’s going on in that in their children’s lives, and the life around them.”

Parent Sharon Shedrick says, “This is very convenient. I wish more schools would do this, because it really helps families out to be able to sit down and have a meal together, that you you didn’t have to prepare, and you can have some family time and also some school time at the same time.”

Montrell Besley explains, “Our high school students, they’ll be out here getting their community service hours. We’ll consider this as community service for our high school students. They’ll be out passing passing the dinners out as the cars come up as the parents come up and just saying thank you.”

Camper Coulter is a freshman at Chatt Prep.

He says, “I like helping people, and sometimes, I like to help hand out the food, and just, it makes me happy that we can give food to people.”

Freshman Kejuan Craddock adds, “You know, you never know what people might be going through, and sometimes people might not eat at home. So, I would like to give them food.”

Freshman Colin Richardson says, “It’s a good thing to help families, because not everyone has what they need to survive and things and can afford it. So, it’s good to help them out, because so you might need help one day.”

Montrell Besley concludes, “It was a team effort.  Chattanooga Prep we’re just one team, and we just brainstormed together how we can make, you know, our families feel appreciated. So, hopefully next year we’re able to have a true family Thanksgiving dinner around the Chatt Prep family table.”



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