What’s Right With Our Schools: Cloud Springs Elementary

Math teacher wins gift pack for her students

CLOUD SPRINGS, Georgia (WDEF) – “Ms Elkins, I’m sorry. I’m gonna have to interrupt this class for a very special new announcement. Surprise!!!”

You bought a subscription to Teach Starter over the summer. And you didn’t know it then,you entered a drawing. And that drawing was for $500 worth of materials and resources. And all sorts of things.

Randi: Teach Starter we are a… we’re a curriculum writing company. We create resources and decorations and all sorts of things for classroom teachers to use in their, in their classrooms. We were running a giveaway and we had probably 500 entries. And then… it, it blew my mind that they put somebody in my backyard.

” Wow so here you go. Thank you! Congratulations. Look at all the good stuff.”

Amanda: I was really shocked and then I just super surprised and excited and happy and just overwhelming gratefulness.

Natural sound: I can’t do 0-6 right now. So what can I do to that zero so that I can subtract that six.

Amanda: It means a lot to me that anybody recognize what teachers do. We do a hard job and sometimes we don’t get a lot of credit. But when someone notices it it makes it all worth it. Because now I have all this amazing stuff I can share with my students. And there’s even a couple of things in there for me that I’m kind of excited about.

Sydney: I thought it was amazing. I thought she earned it and everything.

Conner; I like Miss Amanda, Miss Elkins because she’s a really nice teacher and when I’m struggling with something she’ll always help me.

Hannah: She’s a really cool.

“Now let’s look at this.”

Rhonda: Oh my gosh she is amazing. I’ve worked with her just this year, but she truly is an amazing math teacher. And we’re glad to have her here a Cloud Springs Elementary School.

Randi: School supplies aren’t cheap. They are not and teacher spent so much money and so much time building those resources. We felt like… you know, it would… if we could step in and ease some of that burden, then… we couldn’t go wrong.

Amanda: I’m just super excited and humbled that someone would pick me.

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