What’s Right With Our Schools: Hamilton Sing

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Hamilton County is large, diverse and packed with humanity. Music has a way of blending all those elements together.
Hamilton Sings is a melodious example of what’s right with our schools.

Emma Mullins is a teaches music at Red Bank Elementary.

She exclaims, “We’re back, and we are making music again together, and it’s wonderful. I don’t know who’s more excited, the teachers or the students to be back together, but it’s great!”

Jade Watts teaches music at Daisy Elementary.

She points out, “These kids all come from different backgrounds. They’re all from Hamilton county, but as we know, we have a huge county with all sorts of different communities in it. So, the importance of getting these kids together, especially after having all of this time apart,  getting them together making new friends with people they’ve never met before, and making music together. It’s just our little piece of bringing peace to the world.”

Joana Perez is a fight grader at Eastside Elementary.

She says, “It’s really fun, and I like to come here, and I feel like we can like teach other kids that like music so they can try to participate.”

Fellow student Jamesin Colscon adds, “I feel free like I can actually do something.”

Emma Mullins explains, “Each Hamilton county music teacher selected two students to bring with them today to represent their school, and we work all day learning and playing and making music together, and then we present with a culminating concert.

She concludes, “It’s so great to bring kids together from all over Chattanooga. We have kids who never cross the river, and today they get to come downtown and meet kids from the complete other side of Chattanooga, who have a different life experience than them; different social experiences. So, to learn and be together and put them in that real life situation of being with people who are different from them is so so valuable.”


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