What’s Right With Our Schools: Howard’s Connect Program

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Students in the Howard Connect Program wanted to see what life is really like in a television station. Naturally, News 12 welcomed them right in.

Lorissa Canon is the Instructional Coach at Howard Connect.

She explains, “Well, Howard Connect really believes in connecting students learning, and so what brings us here today, is our project based learning that we are going to at the end of this quarter, put all of the students learning together, and they are going to make their own mini news broadcast.”

Kimora Russell is a 6th Grader in Howard Connect.

She explains, “We could be in this room, in this area right now, and we can learn new, different types of things, and stuff like that.

Keely Derrick is also a 6th Grader at Howard Connect.

Keely says, ‘That y’all have like, a whole lotta stuff around. I actually thought that it was a tv behind y’all, and it’s like a green screen.

News 12’s ace young reporter Nick Hill tells the kids, “Whatever is the story of the day, we go out, we go shoot. I have a camera, and when I get back, I take the footage I got from the camera. We’ll have these SD cards, and in those edit bays, back there that you just saw, I put together the video. I edit it together.

Veteran, award-winning, newsman Dave Staley chips in, that’s what I’m doing right now, editing the story. It’s going to air tonight at seven and eleven.”

Lorissa Canon says,” The students will have segments in their news broadcast; things like ‘not so breaking news’ for history, and they’re going to use some math to compare some atheletes statistics, for some sport sections. The science class has been studying some weather components, and so they are going to put that into action to do their own little weather segment.

She continues, “When the students are able to see it, what is done in real life, they get an importance for what the work is that they are doing in school, and they see that the things that they’re learning in school do have real world applications.”

Markayla, another 6th grader says, “Well, what I learned so far is that there’s different mini parts about what you can do in the news and different steps about how you make the news.”

Lorissa explains, “I’m hoping that some of them take away the inspiration to study broadcasting;  to study journalism, to continue their learning in the post secondary realm, to become reporters or things like that themselves.”



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