What’s Right With Our Schools: Ringgold High Performing Arts Program Wins State

RINGGOLD, GA (WDEF) – The award-winning tradition continues for Ringgold High School’s Performing Arts Program. This year students mixed a “Spoonful of Sugar” into their State Championship recipe.

Jane’ Ellis is the Musical Theatre and Choir Director at Ringgold High.

She says, “We were honored to receive the state championship in one act play for the GHSA tournament. I think there may be 70 schools total in our AAA classification. It is a young program. And the students that are part of that team are also fairly young. We have some outstanding senior leaders, but a lot of young students.”


“Hi, my name is Cassie McCormick, and I won best actress at state.”

“I’m Meg Asciolla,  and I won best actress at regions.”

“I’m Trevor Arnold, and I was awarded all-star cast region and at state.”

“I’m Jethro Stallard, and I was awarded all-star cast at state.”

“I’m Braden Roach, and I was awarded all-star cast at state.”

“Hi, I’m Bryce the hitman Hart, and I performed in 2 GHSA events in the same day.”

Jane explains,” They really blew us away this year, and we were floored with just and impressed with their work ethic this year, and what they were able to achieve beyond our expectations really.”

Meg Asciolla adds, “All of us created like a great relationship with one another. And you know we had great seniors last year. But now we have a brand-new group of people.”

Jethro remembers, “I didn’t expect my name to be called in the slightest. I was, my hand froze up. That’s what my dad said, and I was just, I ran up there and my arms were up here, like, because I was really shocked.

Bryce says, “It’s kind of like I have two families. You know what I mean; like football and theater, and I’m just very grateful because this family is also impacted the way I interact with my other family.”

Brandon agrees, “That’s what they preach here is family, and it helps you put on such a good show when you connect with each and every cast and crew member, and this time we won State.”

Jane’ concludes, “Little old Ringgold came to town and really showed what the students were capable of.”



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