What’s Right With Our Schools, Ringgold High Theatre Students

RINGGOLD, GA (WDEF) – Signing Days are fairly common at high schools. So why not let theatre students get in on the act? Ringgold High recently raised the curtain on a new tradition.

Kelly Schroder is the Technical Director at Ringgold High.

She says,  “They work just as hard as the athletes I will tell you that. For anyone who doesn’t think theater is a sport, you need to come and see one of our shows, because the amount when you act and dance and sing all at the same time, it is, it requires a lot of stamina, and these kids have been working their craft since middle school, just like athletes do. They have really perfected what they do. All three of these kids here tonight are state champions in literary meet, and so they absolutely deserve to be recognized.”
Eli Talley is a Senior at Ringgold High.

He says, “We’re going to go to the collaborative, creative Savannah College of Arts and Design.”

Senior Aubrey Helton is going to, “Lagrange college in Lagrange Georgia.”

Meanwhile, Iley Barnes is going to, “Berry College.”

Kelly Schroder chips in, “And they’re going to continue growing and working in their craft as they go to college. And they’re getting scholarships to college for their craft.”

Eli explains, “It’s it’s important to get the recognition for the great kids and performing arts and band and you know. Athletic activities that don’t necessarily normally fall under that umbrella.”

Aubrey says,”I honestly was not expecting like having a big celebration, but it feels really nice that our theater program gets appreciated for something like this.”

Iley adds,”It’s great. I can’t believe all these people came. It’s great! And I also get to do it with two other my cast mates, and it’s it’s really special. It’s very very special.”

Kelly puts it in context, “This is the first signing we’ve ever done. So, it’s been very exciting. This particular group of seniors this year, they’ve been with us all four years. They’re very very talented and they’re really, they’ve just really worked so hard over four years to become better.”

Assistant Principal Mark Pierce concludes, “There was a room full of people who came to see a show, and you gave them a show every time, and you entertained all of us, and you inspired us, and you were our inspiration during a dark time in high school. I want to applaud you, the three of you specifically, today. What talent is in this room. Congratulations you deserve it. We’re going to celebrate you this evening. And I’m so proud of you. Congratulations to all three of you you.”



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