What’s Right With Our Schools: Rossville Middle School Chorus

ROSSVILLE, GA (WDEF) – Rebuilding a school’s chorus program can be a difficult challenge, but at Rossville  Middle School the rewards far outweighed the risk.

Macy Swanson is the Chorus and Theater Director.

She explains, “So Rossville Middle School, our chorus program, it’s a rebuilding. We unfortunately did not have it last year. So, this whole year has been very exciting. The students have put on an awesome show; The Little Mermaid Junior. We went to a Six Flags competition and earned the highest rating, and so it’s just been very fun building back this program in this community.”

She continues, “The award that they won, it is a superior rating from the Trills and Thrills Music Festival. The students were graded on several different criteria, such as having correct tone, correct pitches, singing with correct rhythm, and a good expression, and being true performers, and so, out of a 100 they earned a rating of 91, which did fall in the superior category.”

Jocelyn Hendrickson is a 7th grader at Rossville Middle.

She says, “I was I was excited. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t superior. I don’t know, I forgot superior existed. So it was kind of just like…”

Piper Stinson is a 6th grader at Rossville Middle.

She describes the experience as, “Stressful. My armpits were very sweaty, and my shirt was a little wet afterward from my armpit sweat.”

Macy, “Afterwards, I think a lot of them have turned over a new leaf, and they’re like, ‘Oh yes, I am pretty good at singing. This is something I enjoy.’ A lot of them were very nervous. When they heard that they had to perform for judges, they were just used to singing for fun; performing at our concerts. Being adjudicated was a new level for them. And so there were some nerves, but they overcame it. And they did a great job on stage. I appreciate all their hard work this year, and making this first year very successful. We’re looking forward to continuing to be successful over the next few years together.”



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