What’s Right With Our Schools: Sequoyah High School Signing Day

Soddy Daisy, TN (WDEF) – Signing Day comes to Sequoyah High School!  25 seniors will be taking their skills to the next level. That is a very practical and solid example of what’s right with our schools.

Amy Myhan is the Principal at Sequoyah.

She says, “Signing day is an opportunity to honor the work that our students have done in their program areas and honor their commitment to completing that program.

Payton Heiss is a Senior.

She says, “It’s been quite the experience, you know, you get your work based learning experience, and then you still have all your core classes with it. So, it’s been, it’s definitely been a very good experience.”

Principal Myhan adds, “NC3 models this after athletic signing. And it is that National Signing Day to acknowledge  and recognize trades and industry and the careers that students are going to go into. We have high demand in all of the program areas that we offer here at Sequoyah, and we often get calls from industry. Our machining instructor could place everyone in industry and many of them are working in industry right now, while they’re completing their TCAT.”


Drake Hess is also a Senior at Sequoyah.

He says, “It’s absolutely amazing. This school has done more for me than anywhere else I could have possibly imagined. Not only do I have an advantage because I come out of high school with things that I would have had to do outside of high school, but it gives me people to come to like Miss McCampbell and Mr. (Kirk) Johnson to talk to about the things that I need.”

Katrina McCampbell heads the Social Studies Department at Sequoyah.

She says, “Gary would be delighted, to know that he is helping a student pursue the same career that he loved. On behalf of his wife Belinda, his two sons Gabe and Justin, we are thrilled for the first ever Gary McCampbell scholarship to go to Mr. Drake Hess.”

Drake proudly says,”Impossible to put into words honestly, because Miss Mccampbell is the most influential, most caring,  just the best all-around teacher in this school, and for her to do that for me is amazing.”

Principal Myhan concludes, “I want them to be able to choose what they want, and this gives them an opportunity in high school to do something that can make them a productive citizen.”



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