What’s Right With Our Schools: Silverdale Center

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Silverdale Baptist Academy is home to a new state of the art building.

Daniel Ashworth is the Director of Communications.

He says, “This building has been probably five years in the making, from drawing up some plans, to fundraising for a few years, and then actually a two year building process that literally wrapped up a week before school started. It’s a $12 million facility. The idea is we never had a space for our performing arts students to showcase their talents. So,  the primary focus was theater.”

Casey Rosado is a sophomore at SBA.

She says, “When I come over here to this facility, I mean, I have the best class of my day. I really enjoyed it so much. Being with people I love, and this is a great place just to gather and have fellowship with each other, and that means a lot to me.”

Ahsworth adds, “We have a gymnasium on campus, but we have never been able to host tournaments in the postseason. So that 1,000 seat capacity number was a big deal for us. We needed that to be able to host in the  postseason.  With what  athletes in volleyball and basketball are doing  in their sports.”

He goes on to say, “And beyond that, we have some specialty facilities like the band room. We’ve got a dance studio and a black box theater, also places we’ve never had homes for before, and expand our weight room as well. Our athletes are loving that, because it’s far better than what we had before. And we have some academic spaces up on the second floor that support our middle school right now.”

Molly Kane is a current teacher and 2013 graduate of SBA.

She says,  “So, I was in the other building and they were starting to build, but I never really got to experience a lot of the new facilities. This was always what they were talking when I was in school. So, it’s just given a lot more space.”

Daniel concludes, “We’ve got a lobby space here with a café that we call it. It’s a great place for our students to collaborate, and also we share the facility with the church. We share the entire campus with Silverdale Baptist Church. So they are going to be able to use the space for Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights and all different kind of formats that the church needs for expanded service and worship opportunities. So, being able to have a casual gathering space like this creek side theater lobby is great for a students to come and kind of extend the classroom beyond the traditional four walls. There is a lot going on here anytime of day.  We are really excited for the new space.”




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