What’s Right With Our Schools: Skyuka Hall Library and Resource Center

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Even as technology continues to evolve, it’s hard to find a more effective learning tool than a good book. Skyuka Hall’s new Media Center has plenty of those, but that’s only the beginning.

Dr. Ronald Yother is the Head of School and President at Skyuka.

He says, “We are excited to have a red letter day here today at Skyuka Hall. We officially dedicate our library and resource center. So, Guy, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, I’m humbled sir and honored to dedicate today in loving memory Deveena Salisbury Moore Library. ”

Dr.Yother continues, “Thanks to a very generous gift from one of our family members here at the school, we were able to enhance our library.”

Donor Guy Moore explains, “Dee was a librarian for 30 years at Shelby County Schools in Memphis, and so when she retired, I mean, there’s nothing else we could do with it, but just help her and remember her in this dedication.”

Kristen West is also a member of Dee’s family.

She says, “Computers are great, but she, books were still her thing. She still read the books, and she loved educating. It was very important to her.”

Eighth grader Michael West adds, “I think it is very generous too and gives people a chance to read books they haven’t read or seen before.”

Dr. Yother continues, “And since technology has moved forward, we were able to move forward with it. Well, this part of the media center is very exciting for us, because we have big plans. We have a very bright future. Being able now to bring together donors, being able to bring members of the community to do productions for them, to be high quality things of excellence. Everything around our mission gives us an advantage that we’ve never been able to have, but it is exciting because we realize we now possess the tools necessary to move our school forward, not only for the next six months, for the next 60 years. We’ve called this our year of new beginnings. It took eight years to bring us to this point, but we have more exciting announcements forthcoming, and we believe that today is a celebration day and a red letter mark of even bigger things to come.”



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