Whitfield County Officer-Involved Shooting

WHITFIELD COUNTY (WDEF) – “It was unreal because literally the only thing blocking me is my windshield. It was like having a front row seat I guess,” says Toni, a truck driver who was parked across the street during the shooting.

Around 11:30 Monday night, Whitfield County deputies responded to several 911 calls at the intersection of Highway 41 and Westgate Road.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation says the deputies tried negotiating with the armed man before he opened fire.

“So I was laying down already, comfortable,” Toni says. “I heard the first five shots and I’m thinking, it’s not the time of year for fireworks. What was that?”

Toni heard the shots fired at Whitfield deputies by an armed man and the deputies who returned fire.

“I’m not used to hearing any bad news in this area so I didn’t think too much of it. So then I started to fall asleep and then I was woken up by the ten shots after that.”

The deputies performed life-saving measures and rushed the man to Hamilton Medical Center where he later died.
The GBI said no deputies were injured in the shooting.
GBI officers scoured the Westgate neighborhood Tuesday morning, seeking to identify the man who was killed.
This is the 60th officer-involved shooting the GBI is investigating this year.

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