Why the Georgia Sales Gas Break will Not end tomorrow after all

Governor extended the break through the July 4th holiday

ATLANTA, Georgia (WDEF) – Sticker shock was originally scheduled to return to Georgia gas pumps on Wednesday, June 1st.

That’s when the state gas tax suspension was supposed to end when it was passed at the end of the Georgia legislative session in March.

But Governor Brian Kemp issued an executive order last week to extend the suspension through July 14th.

That means the state loses more tax dollars, but driver’s got a break on their gas bills.

Georgia collects about 29 cents a gallon on every gallon you buy (The federal tax of 18 cents is still on, as are any local gas tax add-ons).

So theoretically, your gas is 29 cents cheaper than it would be.  However retailers can pocket some of that difference.  We’ll only know how much it is saving us when the suspension ends in July.

Tennessee lawmakers declined to suspend their gas tax, when lawmakers argued that there was no way to hold retailers to the cut.

Still, prices did drop in Georgia last March, and Tennessee drivers crossed the state boarder to cash in.

Georgia lawmakers cited their large budget surplus for allowing them to give some of it back to drivers.

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