Wings Over North Georgia Air Show Returns

ROME, Ga (WDEF) – Wings over North Georgia is an air show like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

This one of a kind air show features the famous blue angels and more. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss.” 

The air show officially  kicks off tomorrow and will continue through Sunday. 

The show features the famous Blue Angels, the A-10 demonstration team, the Black Daggers and more. 

“ Wings over North Georgia is a well established air show here in Rome, Ga. This is our tenth year of producing this show here in Rome. We finished number 7 in North America as the 7th best air show in North America,” says John Cowman, President of The Wings Over North Georgia Air Show.

The A-10 team travels all around the country, showing off their skills-but a lot goes on behind the scenes— to make sure you get the show of a lifetime. 

“This jet Right here is the A-10 Warthog. We show it off to show the combat capabilities of the airplane. We will show you everything it can do. How fast it will go, how slow it will go , how tight it can turn and the aerobatic maneuvers. We are here to get people excited about aviation, excited about airplanes and the Air Force,” says Captain Hayden Fullan, Pilot for the A-10 Demonstration Team.

The show is celebrating their 9th year in Rome, GA and has adapted to the Covid-19 Pandemic – tailgate style. 

“As we moved closer to this show things started getting better, people started getting vaccinated so we turned it into a hybrid. We are adding the kid-zone back , doing helicopter rides, people can walk around , our vendors are opened up , we have exhibitors again , merchandise vendors and food vendors again,” says Cowman.

Aviation technician,  Hunter Nance,  is from the area, so this show holds a special place in his heart. 

“The last air show we did in Rome we did a gender reveal to find out we were having a boy. We did that with our pilot last year. This year coming back- this is most of my family’s first time meeting my son. So this is pretty awesome,” says Nance.  

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