Wingspan Comes in Handy For Red Bank Defensive End Kobe Smith

Red Bank, TN-(WDEF-TV) Red Bank defensive end Kobe Smith s a massive human being with an even bigger wingspan — 79 inches to be exact.

This helps him cause mayhem in the backfield and opposing coaches know they need to be ready for it.

Said Smith:”Having the guys around being able to go out there and compete and come back in the locker room and just feel like a family.”

Red Bank’s Kobe Smith can reach out and grab the quarterback from seemingly yards away.

Said head coach Ted Gatewood:”Kobe really has a great understanding the game and he’s developing. He’s gotten better and better as the years go on. He’s got a great understanding of what needs to be done and how he’s gonna do it.”

Smith has a 79 inch wingspan, which helps him get off blocks and make plays in the backfield.

Said Smith:”Just being able to go out and get my reach out just put my hands on people just helps a lot being able to reach people.”

Said Gatewood:”It’s tremendous because of leverage. When it comes to leverage and Reach that’s a huge upside for his position as a defensive end because that allows them to cover a lot more ground.”

He can flip the score in a hurry as he has multiple defensive scores.

Said:”I feel like I’ve come along and I’d better understand the game I’ve been coming along all season.”

Said Gatewood:”It’s very gratifying and rewarding for us to watch him achieve the success he’s achieved because we’ve watched him work to get to that stage. When Kobe makes a play it’s not like it’s a surprise because we know what he’s capable of doing.”

Opposing teams like playoff opponent East Hamilton know Smith will play a factor in this contest.

Said East Hamilton head coach Grant Reynolds:”He’s been a factor in all the years we played them and we know he’s a really special player Red bank and we try to do things to maybe block them every now and again.”


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