WRWOS: Rossville Middle celebrates their Georgia REACH Scholar

Shealyn Crowley wins $10,000 scholarship

ROSSVILLE, Georgia (WDEF) – Dr. Robert Stinson of Rossville Middle says “Today he recognized… a really good student, from a pool of really really good students, to represent our school in our district as a Georgia REACH Scholar. Ultimately what it means for Shea is that over the course of four years she’ll receive $10,000 in addition to any other scholarship money she might receive.”

Counselor Debbie Frye: “She is a phenomenal writer in sixth grade I read something that was high school level. I mean, grammatically well written.”

6th Grade Language Arts Teacher Hannah Nofal: “I told her when she was in sixth grade that she was going to be a famous author one day, and don’t forget about me, and to make sure that you mention me in your first book.”

“It is now time for the REACH Scholar and her parents to sign the commitment forms.”

Shealyn’s father, Steven: “All the time and effort it is paid off. If… for you’re sure there’s really no… no words to really put with it.”

Shealyn’s mother, Stacey: “We are so very proud of Shea. And she’s worked so hard and I know it’s gonna pay off in the future for her.”

Shealyn Crowley: “I just wanted to say thank you to all my teachers… cause they always pushed me. And told me that I would end up getting something like this. And I of course never believed them.”

Robert: “We want this event to be sort of like an athletic signing event. You know, when students earn those academic accolades, so well deserved. And they find a path into a post secondary education through that route. That we want to make just as a big deal about it when they do something for academic reasons. And ah… Shea Crowley is one of the brightest… really wisest. Thats that word is that keeps’s coming back. She’s just a well spoken and composing and well respected student. And I can’t think of any student to better represent our school.”

Shea: “I’ve always had like an interest for like why we think what we do. And I think that plays a lot into my writing because I like to dig into peoples’ minds and how they think about it. So I think that psychology would be the field that I was gonna go into.”

Robert: “Shea Crowley was a phenomenal candidate in a pool of really really great candidates, and that… it’s just speaks to quality as a student and as a person. Well-Deserved.”

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