YMCA’s Y-CAP expands to Brainerd

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — The YMCA has expanded their Community Action Program (Y-CAP) into Brainerd.

The new Y-CAP location is at the Chris L. Ramsey Community Center on North Moore Road.

The YMCA said this new expansion will help at-risk youth turn away from violence and substance abuse. It will allow them to embrace sustainable behavior and positive opportunities.

The new expansion is part of Mayor Kelly’s One Chattanooga Relief and Recovery Plan.

“Our expansion to Brainerd will allow us to support even more students and families in need, and I’m incredibly grateful for Mayor Kelly’s vision and financial support that made it possible,” said Regional Executive Director Andy Smith.

Kelly’s program included $300,000 to support the Y-CAP expansion into Brainerd.

According to the YMCA, 25 new students and families have enrolled into the Y-CAP program since the new location opened.

The Y-CAP program is created for students aged 10-15. Students must be referred by Hamilton County Schools or the juvenile court system.

The program provides personalized treatment plans for each student’s needs. It offers daily support, such as mentoring, tutoring, hot meals, family nights and group therapy.

Mayor Kelly said of the program, “nothing is more powerful than seeing the life of a struggling child transform through new, positive relationships and experiences filled with hope and opportunity. That’s what Y-CAP is doing for 100 at-risk students in our community every single day.”

Y-CAP is in need of hot meals for its students, though.

They have a meal train, with the purpose of getting the community involved. Y-CAP is asking the community to donate a meal to the kids.

This program provides four hot meals per week, Monday through Thursday. It also encourages the students to eat together around a dinner table and build connections.

You can donate at mealtrain.com. The website shows open slots for the days they need meals. The community can donate gift cards or money as well.


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