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Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Concerning the new dress code recently instituted at Southside Social, the downtown restaurant and bowling establishment, District 7 Councilman Chris Anderson could not disagree more.

Southside Social, owned and operated by developer John Wise and located at 1818 Chestnut Street, revealed the new rules via Facebook. Among the changes are prohibiting customers from wearing loose-fitting or revealing clothing, plain white tee and sleeveless shirts resembling gym attire, sunglasses after dark, hoodies, backwards caps, combat boots, excessive jewelry, as well as unspecified gang colors.

Councilman Anderson describes the changes as “rigid and lengthy,” believing the recent policy shift is an attempt to keep out minorities.

“Mr. Wise noted in the press that the move was intended to bolster safety at his establishment and to keep out so-called thugs, but one can hardly imagine a way that prohibiting baseball caps (backwards or otherwise), hoodies, or boots invites a safer environment. Rather, policies like these alienate certain residents in our community. Thats shameful.”

The councilman continued, saying, “Put simply – while Mr. Wise has every right to enforce this ridiculous dress code at his establishment, we too also have the right to not patronize restaurants and bars that violate our conscience. And that is exactly what I personally intend to do.”

The social media post specifying the new dress requirements by Southside Social has since been deleted, with a new Facebook post saying, “We apologize if we have offended anybody or misrepresented what we are trying to accomplish. Our priority is only to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of you and the rest of our guests.”

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  • ImOpining

    Well if Chattanooga had at least the slightest grip on our gang violence, this wouldn’t be necessary.

    • Cynthia Wooten Kennemore

      How is “Chattanooga” supposed to get a grip on it? And how is the CPD for that matter? Just curious where you are coming from.

      • ImOpining

        There were some fantastic programs that had been put in place that were working well. The Gang Task Force as well as The Future Is Ours. The Task Force was identifying the gang members and keeping an eye on them. The Future is ours was a program for the kids to stop them before they going gangs. Redirected them to programs and groups that would help them find and set positive goals. Mayor Berke dismantled both programs within a month of taking office. When these gang members shoot each other and go to the hospital but won’t tell who shot them, they need to get the hospital bills, not the tax payers. Cruisers need to be parked at every corner of gang neighborhoods. Chattanooga is now known as little Chicago. Something has to be done.

  • And of course, SSS folded like a cheap chair and took down their new rules.

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