$10,000 Worth of Equipment Stolen from Chattanooga Tractor & Equipment

Chattanooga Tractor and Equipment is reporting a burglary early Sunday morning caught on their security cameras. The security footage captures three men taking off with over ten thousand dollars worth of equipment in a white van.

The Vice President of Chattanooga Tractor and Equipment says he was woken up by his security system to possible movement.

That’s when he saw the security camera showing the front door of his business wide open.

The men were in and out in under ten minutes.

Which leads the Vice President to think this was a targeted and well thought out burglary. “They were on a very regime time frame from the time they came through the door, I mean, you can hear them in the video saying blast off blast off I take that to mean times up we need to get out of here. At the very end of the video you can actually hear them one of the guys saying find the ride find the ride, so I think these guys are professionals, I don’t think its just some stupid kids running around”, says Nick Topping.

There is a $3500 hundred dollar reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest.

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