Chattanooga City Council and CDOT Administrator talk about street paving in meeting

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Department of Transportation Administrator Blythe Bailey and City Council members talked about street paving in a meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Bailey spoke about a recent paving audit and the recommendations that came from that.

The recommendations included a comprehensive plan and more funding.

Bailey said it will cost around $6.2 million a year to make repairs to streets in the city.

City Council members asked Bailey for an estimate during the meeting and suggested he ask for more funding.

Bailey said they continuously ask for an increase in funding.

“We’ve started with $1.3 million and a couple years prior to starting this job there was zero money that went towards paving. So, we’ve tried to balance out what we thought we’ve needed with what we felt like was reasonable within the constraints of the city’s entire budget because we’ve got to pay for firemen, we’ve got to pay for policemen, we’ve got to pay for all the other things that we’ve got to pay for so if we could have unlimited money we’ll use it, but the reality is, we’re constrained by what we have. So, we’ll continue to ask for more money and I’ll stress over and over again that what’s more important than more money is making sure we spend the money smartly,” Bailey said.

The report came from Chattanooga’s Office of Internal Audit.

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