10th Anniversary Tornado Memorial Event Held in Ringgold

Ringgold, GA (WDEF) – Ten years ago Tuesday, an EF-4 tornado plowed through the city of Ringgold killing numerous people and injuring at least 30. Local officials hosted their tenth anniversary tornado memorial Tuesday evening.

It was a record breaking tornado outbreak on the week of April 27th , 2011 with over 360 tornadoes touched down in in the southeast over a span of three days. Including an EF- 4 tornado that devastated parts of Ringgold, GA in Catoosa County.

“It’s a memorable thing in our community because our community came together and overcame a lot of adversity during that time,” says Rhonda Swaney, Ringgold City Councilmember.

“This year being the 10th anniversary has a little special kind of remembrance, but every year you just feel different when you’re out in Ringgold on that day as I’m sure, across the state lines, you got the same kind of thing on this day,” says Kelly Bomar, Ringgold City Councilmember and Event Organizer.

The event was held at the Ringgold Market Pavilion next to the city hall. There were several key speakers including the Superintendent of Catoosa County Schools and the Ringgold High Orchestra. Together, they mourned the loss of one of their students from the tornado, 16 year old Chelsea Black.

“We mourn the people that we lost even though we didn’t personally know them. And as a city, it’s kind of like a stone of remembrance in how we grew together. It’s something we still draw strength from,” says Swaney.

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