Girl’s Leadership Summit to Tackle Gen Z Issues


Courtesy: Girl’s Leadership Summit

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- An upcoming summit is aiming to help young women and girls navigate the challenges and dangers presented to them in the modern world.

The Girl’s Leadership Summit will be focusing on issues such as teen dating violence, influence of social media on teenagers, and other key issues affecting Generation Z.

Marissa Player-Montgomery, the Southeastern Coordinator for the Tennessee Commission of Children and Youth, is one of the event’s organizers and says that, “Now that we are going into a New Year and having had so much happened in the last three years, everybody wants to just shake it off and start fresh, and I think that this summit can renew some of those relationships, those parent and child relationships. he summit, to be held on February 11-th at UTC’s University Center, will be centered on giving young girls and women the opportunity to have their voices heard.”

Player-Montgomery mentioned how statistics around dating violence show is getting worse. She explained that, “Pre-pandemic, It was every 1 out of 12 girls were saying they were a victim of dating violence, during the pandemic it was one out of six. Post-pandemic data shows it’s one out of three. So when we got all of that, we decided “Hey we need to do something, it’s not okay.” A lot of the time, we were having young girls, even as young as the fifth grade, stating that they weren’t sure what they going through was dating violence, or if it was just normal.”

The discussions at the Girl’s Leadership Summit will help young women and their families diagnose dating violence. There will also be discussions on other topics such as the influence of social media. Additionally, there will be sessions geared at the parents of girls.

Player-Montgomery said that, “It’s a lot of times we try to do these things for our kiddos and we think, “Oh we’re good!”, but not necessarily. Parents can get together and actually share some of those stories and we can learn from each other. Parenting is hard, it doesn’t come with a book. I think the parents’ sessions are going to be amazing.”

Player-Montgomery has a key message that she hopes girls take with them into the New Year. That you choose your own self-worth. You set the tone for what you want your life to be. Regardless of how old you are, young you are, doesn’t matter. What you allow is what happens to you, you set the tone.

This summit is a product of a collaboration between the Tennessee Commission On Children and Youth, Rise Up, UTC, the City of Chattanooga, and many other organizations.

Other topics to be discussed include mindful parenting and coping strategies amongst other topics.

Admission to the event is free, and there will be door prizes and self-care packages available for the girls who attend. The event once again is on February 11th from 10 to 4 at the University Center on UTC’s campus.

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