Brody Grant bulldog in Bucs uniform

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Competitive spirit defines Boyd Buchanan’s Brody Grant both on the field and in the classroom. Grant excels for the Bucs on defense and offense.

It’s his versatility and determination that’s earned him this week’s Scholar Athlete of the Week.

“He’s a leader, for his age, it’s impressive,” senior lineman Charlie Terry said. “I was nowhere near where he is right now.”

Lineman Brody Grant makes up in fight what he lacks in size. That’s what’s earned him a starting spot on both sides of the ball for the Bucs — as a sophomore.

“He’s got that bulldog in him. He’s got that guy that will always keep fighting,” Coach Jeremy Bosken said.

“We joke around with him saying like he’s small, but like his effort makes up for it. He’s giving more than any of us do,” Terry said.

“He’s the guy you want in your corner, and if something were to go down, he’s the guy I’d want on my side. It doesn’t matter how big the guy is across from him, I mean, He’ll find a way,” Bosken said.

That fight doesn’t stop when the pads come off.

“Doing school and doing sports is very hard as everybody says it is, especially taking hard classes. But I push myself and just use my time wisely during the week,” Grant said.

Wise, indeed. Grant is in the top 5 of his class even with taking accelerated classes.

“He’s always trying to challenge himself,” Bosken said. “[He] finds a way to get it done in the classroom and finds a way on the football field. He’s a guy you want on your sideline.”

Grant says his motivation is simple.

“My parents push me hard. They’re very inspiring to me,” Grant said. “My parents work hard so I can go to school here so them working hard and me getting results just makes me feel good about myself.”

His teammates recognize his efforts. They voted him onto the team’s leadership council — Grant the only underclassman among the group of seniors.

“It’s a very big deal because it gives you accountability from a sophomore, and him, leading on to his years to come being a senior, it’s going to be extraordinary for him,” Terry said.

“It speaks volumes of who he is as a young man, and his goals and competitive drive. To get that kind of vote of confidence from his peers speaks highly of you,” Bosken said. “He may not be the biggest guy, he may not win a combine, but you stick him in between those white lines and put some pads on him, I mean, he’ll fight you.”

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