Downtown Halloween Block Party in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) – 10,000 bags of candy.

That’s what had people lined up on what’s called “treat street” at the 32nd annual Downtown Halloween Block Party in Cleveland.

“Every year we always skip this line, but this year were going to go through this line for the M&M candy so,” Gina Green said.

What started as a rainy day turned into a cold night.

But despite the chilly temperatures, trick-or-treaters made it out.

“My fingers feel like they’re going to fall off, but it’s okay,” Dasia Scroggins said.

It took a little weather monitoring, but organizers decided the music, activity and vendor filled event must go on.

“Set up was tricky I won’t say that it wasn’t with all the rain, but vendors came between 3 and 5 and they got to set up once it had stopped. We’ve had a great crowd,” Mainstreet Cleveland Executive Director Sharon Marr said.

It was a crowd sprinkled with with creepy clowns, inflatable dinosaur costumes and a tiny unicorn.

“I’m supposed to be a zebra,”Noel Smith said.

A huge draw for these trick-or-treaters could very well be the “treat street.”

And that’s thanks to Mars.

The company makes candy at their facility in Cleveland and donates to the event every year.

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