12 Year Old Girl Fatally Stabbed Near Jersey Pike

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Tragedy struck in the early morning on Thursday as Chattanooga Police were dispatched to a home on Eastwood Drive right off of Jersey Pike.

At around 2:45am, police found a 12-year-old girl stabbed to death, suffering from multiple wounds.

The officers arrested a 12-year-old boy for the stabbing, who is now facing first-degree murder charge.

One neighbor described the scene of waking up to the sound of police sirens.

“The sirens and everything woke us up and we looked outside and we just thought something awful happened inside, we thought that somebody might have had some sort of medical emergency,” says neighbor Kristina Charles.

Neighbors told me that they were shocked to hear about the tragic incident, although one woman said that she saw warning signs early on.

“What we’ve noticed over here at the house in the front yard is that the kids are always by themselves and what we think is the father – he’s always coming outside either screaming or yelling,” says Charles.

Other neighbors that I spoke with didn’t want to be on camera, but all of them agreed that it seemed like a troubled household.

“It seems like a very unstable household if you ask me because the kids seem lonely, and lack of parents. We hear screaming and yelling on a daily basis from this house almost, so we didn’t really think that it was something serious,” Charles says.

Chattanooga Police are asking anyone with additional information to contact their anonymous tip line.


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