Tornado victim’s security cameras catch looters in the act

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Several weeks after the tornadoes, victims are still working tirelessly to clean up their damaged homes.

One chattanooga family’s home is no longer liveable due to the excessive damage caused by the tornado. While working on their house, they are staying in a rental property nearby..

Since they are currently unable to live in their home, the family placed several security cameras around the house – in hopes of protecting their remaining belongings – but that hasn’t stopped trespassers.

Homeowners say looters have taken everything from home appliances to family memories.

They say even though their home may not be physically intact it doesn’t mean you can walk onto their property and take what’s left.

The family says the storm was one of the scariest nights of their life but having someone steal from them only makes the situation worse. 

“It’s an invasion of privacy. It may just be stuff but we still have a lot of memories there and a lot of sentimental items. To know someone is going through your things while you are not there is scary,” says Blake Templeton, House destroyed.

19 year old Drew Carson grew up inside that home.

“As if losing the house and where I grew up wasn’t enough that one day I can’t just go drive by and see it. All those memories we could take from there, other people are taking from us. It may be only $20 to them but there’s not a price tag I could put on some of those memories,” says Drew Carson , House destroyed.

If you recognize any of the people in the photos contact law enforcement immediately at (423) 698-2525.

You can remain anonymous.

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