Importance of getting both COVID-19 doses

HIXSON, Tennessee- Millions of the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine have been given and after 21 days those people will receive the second dose of the vaccination.

Both the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines require two doses of the shot, weeks apart.

“People definitely want to go ahead and and get that second dose because that’s how it’s been studied in trials and that’s where you’re seeing the effectiveness rising over 90% for both of these vaccines,” said Pharmacist Jake Standefer with Access Family Pharmacy.

Although studies have shown there is some effectiveness of the vaccine after the first dose.

“After the first dose they reported some are over 50% protection,” said Standefer.

But medical experts said it is no where nearly as effect as getting both doses of the vaccine.

“But that second dose is what really starts to achieve that high percentage of immunity. Studies have been done in two doses and the higher effectiveness has been shown after that second dose. So we will be following closely with people to try to get them to come back and receive a follow up dose,” said Standefer.

Standefer said two dose vaccinations is fairly common.

“Obviously the flu shot is once every year you’ll have some pneumonia vaccines that once you turn 65 you get one shot and then you get another one. There’s a shingles shot, you get it’s first dose and then the next one is between two and six months. So it’s relatively common to see vaccines will follow up doses,” said Standefer.

He wants to make sure people know they can’t just get the first shot and think that’s alone is enough to protect them from the virus.

“Getting the vaccine is going to be one of the most important things in getting us out of this pandemic. I’ve read some studies that say we need to get 70 to 75% of people vaccinated in order for these vaccines to be effective at stopping this pandemic,” said Standefer.

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