District 5 commissioner Gregory Beck Sounds off about School Board

On Tuesday night, the Hamilton County School Board and the County Commission sat down to talk about the needs of Hamilton County Schools and one Hamilton County commissioner was not pleased with how some of the discussion went…

District 5 commissioner Gregory Beck expressed some concerns with some of the decisions the school board has made and says he was shocked by the figures that the school board presented to them…….

“In my house, I don’t buy anything new until I fix what’s breaking down at the house.”

Commissioner Beck expressed his criticism of the school board and their discussion with the county commission Tuesday night during Wednesday’s meeting saying, “The county commission was met with anything but open arms ……

“I thought that we were meeting last night to discuss what we as a commission could fund for the school system. I was met with hostility. Some of the questions that were asked by the commissioners, school board members jumped on them.”

Commissioner Beck said he was one of only 2 Commissioners to support a tax increase to support the school system but was still met with hostility…. Beck still supports the school system but believes the commission needs to know exactly where funds are going …

“They have a history of double crossing us when we send money out there. They have a history of putting money somewhere else when we send it out there for maintenance, so we got to do better than that.”

As far as the expense list the board presented Tuesday night, Beck says it needs to be updated.

“They need to do a job on updating their list of needs right now. The list that they presented to us was over 200 million dollars, and I don’t know where they are going to get that money from.”

Commissioner Beck said he was “Amazed” by the actions of the school board during there discussions on Tuesday night, and that the school board has that sort of mentality.

“I mean it is crazy, and these are the people in charge of educating our kids for our future.”

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