13-Year-Old Alexander Persinger Wins World Kickboxing Title Belt

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Teenager Alexander Persinger has one goal in mind… to be a household name in UFC like Conor McGregor. He’s on the way to do just that, after winning a world championship earlier this month. News 12’s Angela Moryan found out the secret to his success.

Said Persinger: “I said, ‘I’m going to whip this kid,’ and I went up, and I whipped him.”

Just couple years after starting sparring training, 13-year-old Xander Persinger went to his very first kickboxing competition — and brought home the championship belt.

Said Billy Swanson/Coach: “His confidence is what won him that. He said the whole time to when the tournament got canceled a year and a half ago that he was going to go win that tournament. Every day he came in here and trained for it, and he went down there and won that tournament.”

Said Persinger: “I had to go out there and fight. I couldn’t just pay my way through it. I couldn’t just not train and get it. I actually had to go out there and kick some butt.”

Persinger’s determination comes from an unlikely source.

Said Persinger: “I had no interest in striking. I only came for Jui-Jitsu. But they said, ‘Try kids class striking. If you like it, you can try the adults.’ I was like, ‘Okay, well, I like punching things.’ So I started striking. I was confused on kicks an all that. Took me a little bit, but I got it down, and we started doing the adults. And then they were finally like, ‘You know, you’re getting better. Why don’t you come to sparring?’ So I come to sparring. I got beat up and I was like, ‘I like this.’ … I didn’t want to get beat up anymore so that just pushed me to get better.”

And ultimately, to win a world championship.

Said Persinger: “Have you ever studied for a very big test at school, and you finally did it, and you made a 100? It was like that, but I fought and then made the 100.”

Said Swanson: “The kid, at 13 years old, trains four-five different martial arts where most people don’t start training their second martial art until their in their 20’s. So, by the time he’s 18, he’s going to be a very, very hard man to handle.”

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