17 Hamilton County Schools Listed as ‘Trauma Informed’

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- For three years, three schools have been involved in the ‘trauma informed’ program in Hamilton County.

Going forward, 14 more schools will follow suit.

“Trauma informed schools, it gives individuals and schools an opportunity and a language to respond to students that have been deeply distressed” said Director of Social Emotional Learning, Patricia Russell.

Tennessee’s education department will now provide more training, and resources to our region, so each and every staff member is equipped to help students dealing with trauma.

Russell said a change in behavior is a tell-tale sign that trauma may be impacting a child.

“If there’s a student that’s often talkative and you’ve noticed for several days the student hasn’t had very much to say, that’s a great time to maybe pull the student to the side. If there is a student that’s quiet all the time but you’ve notice the student is very active, you might want to ask them if ‘is there anything that’s different or can I help you in any kind of way.”

Students at every level around the country have dealt with the impacts of covid-19, but children in our region faced even more difficulties following 2020’s Easter Sunday tornado.

“We had students that had nothing. That was traumatic for them. When we received a warning that tornadoes may be in our area maybe a month or so ago, there were a lot of kids that had anxiety.”

All schools involved are committed to a three year training process.

Schools in surrounding counties such as Marion and Polk have applied for the program as well.


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