2014 Little Debbie IRONMAN preparations and road closures

More than 25-hundred athletes along with spectators will flock to Chattanooga for the IRONMAN competition this weekend.

Audra Tassone, IRONMAN Operations Manager said, "I love it. When we started this project a year and a half ago, Chattanooga, everybody was so welcoming." Preparations along the Riverfront began Wednesday morning for the big event. Tents, semis and IRONMAN logo’s can be seen stretched along Riverfront Parkway, and competitors are getting ready. Tassone said, "Everybody is happy. The event is actually a celebration of all of their training. So they are excited to come, get it over with, spend some time in Chattanooga and enjoy themselves."

Ben Taylor, Chattanooga Department of Transportation Assistant Transportation Engineer said with the Chattanooga said the biggest traffic closure will be Riverfront Parkway. Additional lane closures will be made along the course path. Taylor said, "The Chattanooga portion will be coming down 20th, Market Street, Alton Park Boulevard, 40th and then out Tennessee, to St. Elmo to the state line. And then there is a very long portion in Georgia, and then they come back into Chattanooga the same way they went out." Taylor says drivers need to be cautious of the competitors. Taylor said, "There will be cyclists on the south part of town, runners on the north part. Just try to be mindful that they have the right of way. Officers will be stopping traffic when they see them coming near the cyclists or the runners, but if there isn’t an officer be sure to yield to the athletes."

All the details including links to the Spectator Guide and Traffic Guide are on the Chattanooga DOT special events page:


The Tennessee River will be closed to pleasure crafts between Ross’s Landing and the Chickamauga Dam from midnight, Saturday September 27th until noon on Sunday, September 28th. This includes the Rivermont Park and Tennessee Riverpark boat ramps

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