2015 EMS WEEK Bass Tournament Winners

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – The 5th annual EMS Week Bass Tournament had a record turnout. 

There were 53 boats with 106 fisherman from Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina.

There’s a list of the top 20 winners!

BIG FISH WINNER: Jamie Willis with Chattanooga Police Department 7.38 pds. 

1st Place: James Burkhart and Ivan Hicks 21.39 pds.
2nd Place: Corey Lewis and Jared Burgess 20.06 pds.
3rd Place: Cody and Jeff Pelfrey 18.32 pds.
4th Place: Kevin Lewis and John Ingram 17.92 pds.
5th Place: Jamie Willis and Chris Coffey 16.87 pds.
6th Place: Raymond Reed and Mike James 16.58 pds.
7th Place: Ben Bradley and Nick Pratt 16.49 pds.
8th Place: Bryan Madewell and Anthony Nash 16.01 pds.
9th Place: Wade Batson and Scott Powell 15.84 pds.
10th Place: Matt Poteet and Robert Stevenson 14.57 pds.
11th Place: John Clines and Danny Lawson 14.02 pds.
12th Place: Ray Brodie and Chad Regal 13.99 pds.
13th Place: Kyle Duggan and David Bragg 13.98 pds.
14th Place: Scott Lee and Blake Lee 13.80 pds.
15th Place: Tyler Ezell and Doug Rosser 13.35 pds.
16th Place: Charlie Caplinger and Josh Tramel 13.04 pds.
17th Place: John Tomic and Matt Geier 11.68 pds.
18th Place: Chris Peters and Travis Ezell 11.70 pds.
19th Place: Jonathan Moore and Robert Clark 10.85 pds.
20th Place: Allen Morris and Clarence Rogers 9.71 pds.
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