Hamilton Co. School Board Members Sound off on Superintendent Search

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The search for a new superintendent to lead Hamilton County schools is on hold.

On Friday, school board members sound off, after voting 5 to 4 to wait on hiring a search firm.

They are split, for now, on the issue.

“There were a group of us that wanted to go ahead and vote on a firm, and then there was a group of us that wanted us to take a step back and actually put together a strategic plan that would actually reveal what we need out of the superintendent that we’re looking for,” said Tiffanie Robinson, District 4. “Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened, and it hasn’t happened in quite some time.”

Others say they’re just ready to get the process started.

“Whichever firm we hire, it’s not going to change what we need,” said Rhonda Thurman, District 1. “We’re going to tell them what we’re looking for, and regardless of whichever the firm is, that’s what they’re going to try to find us.”

Robinson says the school district hasn’t had a strategic plan from the board in years.

“It’s hard to pick a firm whenever you haven’t actually thought through what are you looking for out of this candidate,” Robinson said. “Well, it’s hard to pick a firm and help them understand what you’re looking for if all nine of us are not on the same page.”

But Thurman says she doesn’t think they need a strategic plan to hire a superintendent.

“The superintendent might want to be somewhat part of that process, you know, I don’t know. But I think all school districts want basically the same thing. I don’t think we’re going to want anything differently than anybody else,” Thurman said.

One thing board members can agree on, is they need to find the right person for the job.

Thurman tells News 12 she doesn’t know when they’ll vote on the issue again, or how long it will take to complete the search.



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