2019 Fantasy Baseball Draft Prep: Top 50 keeper rankings based on 2018 ADP

This rank list may not be what you’re expecting.

If you’re looking for something that prioritizes projected output and long-term impact — standard rankings, basically, but with an emphasis on youth — my top 100 dynasty rankings are more your speed. If your league is more prospect-driven, on the other hand, my top 100 prospects are due out in January.

Rest assured, your needs will be met.

This list is my chance to serve someone else — an owner in a different sort of keeper league, but one that’s plenty common in its own right. I’m talking about the kind of league that allows owners to keep a player relative to where he was drafted last year.

Roster turnover is oftentimes greater in those leagues, with owners maybe keeping just two, three or four players. Sometimes more, which is why I don’t want to completely neglect the long-term aspect, but it’s of less concerned here than in the dynasty rankings. The goal here is more to capitalize on the immediate value afforded by the format, stowing the best bang-for-buck players so that you can lock in that advantage for another year.

The calculus isn’t quite that simple, of course, since the advantage only matters to the extent you believe in the player. And if that advantage carries over year after year, as opposed to just once, your belief in the player becomes even more critical.

It can never be one-size-fits-all, can it?

No, it can’t, which is why now seems like a good time to point out that all 50 of these players, as well as others using the same contingent-on-2018 criteria, are good keepers, meaning ones you should be excited to keep, if to slightly varying degrees. The list, then, is more to help you with close calls or even just talk you through the process (since chances are your league’s values don’t align exactly with ADP). Not gospel, in other words.

But fun, right? Can I get an amen?

Note: ADP is short for average draft position and refers to where the player was selected in 2018, assuming a 12-team league.

Top 50 keepers for 2019
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