2019 Pac-12 Tournament: Bill Walton’s quirky antics once again steal the entire show

The only commentary that made Pac-12 basketball watchable all season was that of Bill Walton, and as of Friday, it seems he has already reached his postseason peak just in time for March.

Friday night, Walton called the Oregon-Arizona State game in the Pac-12 Tournament semifinals, and he was all over the place on the broadcast. From his imitation of a duck to whipping out “The Sprinkler” dance live on air, he left no entertainment stone unturned.

Most entertaining of all, perhaps, was Walton’s in-game potty break. Because of how he timed it, he missed the tip of overtime and was caught walking back to his spot on the baseline mid-possession. He arrived just in time to deliver a booming, “Throw it down, big man!” call after an alley-oop was delivered in the opening seconds.

God bless Dave Pasch for dealing with this dozens of times per season. Walton’s the entertainment people tune in for, but Pasch deserves a raise for dealing with the unpredictability that is Walton on dozens of occasions each season.

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