The 2020 flower shortage affecting prices and availability ahead of Mother’s Day

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Mother’s Day is on Sunday and it is the second busiest holiday for Tennessee Wholesale Florist on McCallie Avenue.

While their cooler is nearly full, that wasn’t the case last year.

Tanner Stewart, a Salesman at Tennessee Wholesale Florists, “The demand was not there when COVID and everything shut down. So, they had to layoff a lot of people down in South America.”

Layoffs in South America is only one reason for the flower shortage.

COVID-19 and extreme weather also play a large role in the higher prices and low supply.

Flower farms in South America are having to hold back supplies so that there are enough of the high demand flowers available for consumers.

“Carnations, daisy’s, alstroemeria lilies, all of those things are just staples in design work, funeral work, wedding work and all of that stuff. They have almost been non-existent up until this week. The farms were trying to hold that back so that we would have the supply for Mother’s Day and thankfully they did”, Stewart says.

Tennessee Wholesale Florist is a family owned business that has been opened 58 years.

They have been supplying flowers to florists all across the Tennessee Valley.

Including Katy Billings who owns Bloomheart Flower Company, who says that she has had to change her arrangements because of the lack of flowers.

“Occasionally, we have been like, actually, we just need to do a designer’s choice, just a spring mix. So, this Mother’s Day, that’s what we have been promoting. ‘Hey! Let us just make something special for you that is just beautiful. Flowers are beautiful.’ So, we’ve been trying to stay away from specifics because they have been a little harder to get in”, adds Billings.

If you haven’t ordered your Mother’s Day flower arrangement just yet, keep calm and call your local florists.

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Posted by Bloomheart Flower Co. on Tuesday, May 4, 2021


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