I-24/I-75 Split and U.S. 27 On the Top 100 Worst Bottleneck List

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- A national study ranked the I-24/75 split, along with U.S. 27 highway, as some of the worst traffic areas in the country.

The American Transportation Research Institute compiled a list of the 100 worst bottlenecks in the country.

Both the I-24/75 split and U.S. 27 highway made the cut.

“Whatever they can do to open it up would be greatly appreciated.”

Al Mielnik travels across the state for his work.

When traveling through Chattanooga, it becomes a frustrating part of his job. “Just trying to get around with different stops I have to work it kind of slows things down. So you have to be careful” said Mielnik.

Mielnik says some drivers tend to speed near bottle neck areas. “A lot of people I can see hitting their breaks pretty quickly and it causes problems.”

Although bottleneck areas like the I-24 and 75 split did not rank the top 20, it did rank in the top 100. But T.D.O.T. has a plan that they hope will will pick up the pace.”

“We are doing a design build reconstruction project at I-75/ I-24. That is currently underway.” said Spokesperson for Region 2 TDOT Jennifer Flynn.

Flynn says it’s a design that will cost a little over 130,000,000 dollars set to be completed by June of 20-21.

T.D.O.T. also plans to make changes on other state roads. “We have a project in development, it’s very early in development but we hope it will widen I-24 from the US-27 interchange to the Georgia state line” said Flynn.

Flynn says the upcoming construction will benefit both freight and domestic drivers. “Traffic will have easier access from the welcome center to be able to get back onto the interstate. And traffic throughout the whole interchange itself will move smoother and the design will be up to today’s standards.”

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