2500 Uncounted votes found in Floyd County

ROME, Georgia (WDEF) – The Georgia Secretary of State reports the first significant irregularity found in a recount of the vote.

Floyd County failed to count over 2500 early votes.

The problem was with an optical scanner that didn’t record just over half of the printed-out ballots that were cast.

As a result, the Secretary of State is calling for the top elections official in Floyd County to resign.

We don’t know yet how those additional votes will fall in the Presidential race, but the head of the Floyd Republican party believes President Trump could pick up around 800 votes over Joe Biden.

That would be far short of the 14,000 votes he need to win the state.

Other than the Floyd ballots, an official with the Secretary of State’s Office says the recount has gone as expected.

He doesn’t believe the outcome of the election in Georgia will change.

They expect the recount to be complete by Wednesday when they will be able to certify the results.




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