27 Bikes Given to Kids in Need

Families stopped at the McGilvary Gymnasium to mark one item off their kid’s Christmas wish List.

Chattanooga’s Main Street Bicycle Cooperative gave out 27 bikes to 27 very happy and appreciative kids.

The day wasn’t just filled with giving, there was also some learning for the kids too.

30 volunteers came out for the annual "Cool Yule Kids Bike Giveaway.”

Volunteer Heather Slivley said the instructors are specially trained to teach people how to properly ride a bike.

"We have instructors who are nationally certified to teach safe cycling and we’re going to play a series of bike games to trick kids into enjoying bike safety."

Zac Holford started Main Street Bicycle Cooperative in 2009 as a way to help those who may not have access to bikes how to ride them safely.

"Anyone can get a bike, but that doesn’t mean that they’re comfortable using it, with their own handling of it or dealing with traffic facilities, drivers, and other cyclists."

Most of the bikes were repaired by Zac and other volunteers.

Bike Co-op gets many of the parts they use from a local scrap yard.

They also receive used bikes from donors throughout the year.

Bike Co-op gets kids registered and measures their height and what type of bike would be best for them.

Slivley said several of the kids who received bikes also made sure they gave back too.

"Many of the kids receiving bikes today are also donating their old bikes that we can break those down to useful parts and do this program again."

You can find out more about the Bike Co-op here.

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