Lightning strikes a home in Sale Creek; burns to ground

Lightning strikes a home in Sale Creek early this morning, burning it to the ground.

It happened on the 1600 block of Leggett Road.

Sale Creek Volunteer Fire Marshall Bill Klingensmith says, “we responded just a little bit after one in the morning. There was a lot of smoke. I was the first on scene. Got there…there was fire on the back of the house.”

He says there was so much black smoke, he couldn’t see his truck, just 5-feet in front of him.

Klingensmith actually only lives just a few houses away and heard the loud bang, which shook the ground.

“It was pretty vicious right about that time. I was awake when the call came in because it was so loud.”

He says it took two engines, a ladder truck and a dozen firefighters several hours to contain the blaze.

“Then the winds kicked up and when the winds picked up, it went from a small fire to a giant fire in just a matter of seconds.”

It got so hot out there, firefighters were hosing off the house and the fire trucks at the same time.

Officials say the lighting may have struck this tree around one in the morning, then jumped to the back of this house, which lit it on fire.

Homeowner, Zac Copp explains that he, “…woke up to a large boom. It’s really loud; surprised me. I’d seen a spark outside to the right and I started smelling on something and just went back to bed. I thought nothing of it; it was in the middle of the night. Then, smelled it again; looked; then went to the living room. The wall was completely set on fire.”

Copp says he grabbed his two dogs and ran out of the house up into a nearby trail.

It spread so fast he didn’t even have time to put on his shoes.

The home was not insured and is a total loss.

Copp says he is very blessed and has the full support of his family.

He’s says he’ll clear out the debris, save up some money and rebuild.

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