Over 300 Students quarantined from Walker Valley High School

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tenn (WDEF) – On November 9th, Walker Valley High School announced their students would momentarily switch to virtual learning due to an increase in coronavirus cases. 

The school has since returned back to in person learning. 

Currently, 332 students are quarantined while 47 have tested positive. 

The school systems says they do not believe these cases are related to any kind of super spreader event.

Bradley County Schools say the school is being closely monitored on a day to day basis and students who are at home quarantined aren’t missing a beat. 

“We do have a platform now, it is called schoology. Our students can zoom into their classes where they can receive the instruction through this platform and they continue with their daily classes and learning,” says Brittany Cannon, Communications Coordinator for Bradley County Schools. 

Bradley County Schools say if they feel like the situation worsens they can switch the school back to virtual learning.

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