4 Bridges Arts Festival In – Person this Weekend

After having their event virtually last year due to the pandemic, the 4 Bridges Arts Festival is back to having a live in-person event this weekend, and artists are just as excited to get out and showcase their artwork and see some familiar faces. The 4 Bridges Arts Festival showcases the distinct talents of over 120 artists and offers over 20-thousand dollars in cash awards.

The 2021 festival will feature the artists selected by the 2020 jury panel which was cancelled due to COVID-19. Festival director Sarah Moore says that she’s glad the event has returned in-person, and that hopefully there is something for everyone.

“We have about 117 artists from around the country and some here locally who are here showing and selling their art. We’ve got everything from paintings and sculptures to ceramics, baskets, glass, and everything in between. We try to have something for every budget as well, but it’s a really great feast for the eyes and everything that you can think of in the art world,” says Moore.

Local artists are excited to get back out and reconnect with Chattanooga’s art community.

“I love 4 Bridges. I’m a member of the board as well, and so I love the arts community in Chattanooga and getting to see all of my art friends and put some pieces in people’s homes.”

Emerging artist Martha Arrington says the festival will be a good opportunity to see if she wants to continue showcasing her art at additional festivals in the future.

“It’s so much to finally get your work out there and I’ve been creating and having ideas for years and to actually show it and share it with people is a huge step. This is going to be a really big learning experience for me to see if I want to continue doing art festivals in the future.”

The event will continue tomorrow from 10am until 6pm.

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