534 Tennesseans test positive for COVID after being vaccinated

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Tennessee Health Department has reported that 534 Tennesseans have contracted COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated, something that the state refers to as breakthrough cases. 54 of those cases are individuals who reside in Hamilton County.

But medical professionals are saying this is not a reason to doubt the vaccine’s effectiveness, as no vaccine is 100 percent effective.

In fact, Dr. Mike Czarnecki says that the COVID-19 vaccine is even more effective than vaccines we’ve seen in years past, like the influenza vaccine.

“We were very happy for the last 30 years with a 50 to 75 percent effective vaccine. Now, all of a sudden, our bar is so high that everyone’s upset or gets concerned that we’re only seeing 90 percent effectiveness.”

Dr. Aaron Cohen adds that fully vaccinated individuals have virtually no chance of developing severe illness that would result in death from COVID-19, and that those skeptical about the vaccine’s effectiveness have no reason to worry.

“A fully vaccinated individual can still get the disease but that disease severity is reflected downward and is less severe in all these vaccinated individuals.”

And in comparison to how the vaccines performed in clinical trials, he says that the number of breakthrough cases is actually smaller.

“You’re talking tenths of tenths of a percent. This is an extremely effective vaccine.”

He went as far as to say that this is actually good news, and is evidence that the vaccine is working far better than experts originally predicted.

“In one year we’ve turned around, vaccinated half the country and of those vaccinated people, look how well it’s working. This is a positive headline.”

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