7 people dead after Tornado rips through Murray County

MURRAY COUNTY, Ga (WDEF) – A tornado ripped through Northwest Georgia late Sunday.

Officials say that at least seven people have died due to the severe weather.

The daylight Monday morning proved the damage was far worse than imaginable after a tornado touched down in Chatsworth, Ga.

Residents of Deer Park mobile home were left without power and some without homes.

Several Mobile home stood in the path of the tornado causing the houses to flip either on top of each other or scatter into pieces.

One family’s home was carried through the air and flipped multiple times before landing 100 yards from the foundation.

“She said it was just terrifying. They were sitting on the couch they heard like what they thought was a train sound and he knew that it was a tornado. he got her up and got into the closet and as soon as they got into the closet , they started tumbling. Its all the way up there, the foundation part and the rest of it is back here. So, they double wide just didn’t stand a chance,” says Aaron Pais, helping with his in-laws home.

Aaron Pais says they drove through the night from Florida to come help his family.

He says he is thankful everyone walked away despite the damage.

“The day after Easter this is one of the worst things that could happen. To see the acts of God in it is terrible. As terrifying as it was for the people involved , there is people who lived and walked away. They flipped four times in this thing and other than 14 stitches and some scrapes they are perfectly fine,” says Pais.

A few miles down the road an apartment complex and gas station also suffered from major damage as well.

Owner of the Gas Station says the Corona virus already cost them a lot of business now they are without a functioning store.

“I couldn’t have imagined this kind of damage. I have never seen this kind of thing before, it is all torn away. This store use to be two stories and now it’s only one. Our roof got blown away, it was really bad,”says Amir Beju, Owner of the Corner Mart Gas Station.

Animal Control is coming through the neighborhoods assisting with wandering dogs.

Police ask everyone to avoid the area to allow for clean up.

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