79-year old Catoosa County man facing two counts of child molestation

CATOOSA COUNTY, Georgia(WDEF)- A Rock Spring man is being held without bond at the Catoosa County jail after deputies say he molested a little girl.

David Ormand Eubanks, 79, was charged with two counts of child molestation.

According to the arrest report, the alleged crime occurred at his home inside a Rock Spring subdivision.

News of the incident left several neighbors on edge.

"It’s shocking. I’ve got little sisters out here and it’s unacceptable. It blows me away. It really does," said Josh Lane.

"It’s extremely disturbing because I have children in this neighborhood," said one neighbor who asked not to be identified.

"I’ve not really talked to the people and I never really dealt with them but I’m shocked that it occurred in this area," said a second neighbor who also asked not to be identified.

Deborah Moberly lives across the street from Eubanks and says there was no way he would ever commit that type of crime against a small child.

"The party involved is innocent. I believe that if it did happen, it was somewhere else with someone else. I do not believe this person is guilty. I’ve known him for 15-years. He’s one of the most kind people I know," Moberly said.

But Moberly wasn’t the only neighbor supporting Eubanks.

"I know a little bit of the background and I just don’t see him doing that," said a third neighbor who wished not to be identified.

The case against Eubanks started when a little girl showed up at Park Ridge East Hospital with injuries that were believed to be consistent with a sexual assault. She reportedly identified Eubanks as the person responsible.

After an initial investigation started, two arrest warrants were issued and carried out.

Despite the support from a few neighbors, there were other neighbors who told WDEF they noticed suspicions behavior by Eubanks.

"It was kind of creepy. He would just sit there and watch them play. Like my 10-year old would play in the driveway and I could see him standing in his driveway watching," said a forth neighbor who asked not to be identified.

"Just peeking out the window when kids are walking down the road or stepping out the garage you know; just long enough to watch them walk by then go back in. It was just weird," lane said.

Due to the nature of what is reported to have happened and how it reportedly happened, WDEF made an editorial decision not to release information as to how and why the child was around Eubanks.

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