80-Year-Old Skipper Fairbanks Continues to Coach Boxing at Red Bank Boxing Club

Red Bank,TN-(WDEF) Chattanooga native Skipper Fairbanks has been coaching boxing for half a century.

And you can still find the 80-year-old Fairbanks coaching kids and adults at the Red Bank Boxing Club.
   Boxing was a major sport when Skipper Fairbanks grew up. 
He actually fought on a high school boxing team believe it or not at Central, where he endured some long road trips.
"Coach Perkins every year took us to the University of Virginia for bouts. It was in the spring. There was sleet and snow and everything. Every historical sign in the state of Virginia, he would stop the car, and we would have to get out and read the signs."
Reporter-"What did he do that for?"
"He was a history teacher."
Reporter-"Did ya’ll think, man this is crazy?"
"We sure did. We were freezing to death and starving to death."
   Fairbanks got a college scholarship to Miami, but when the university dropped the sport, Fairbanks kept punching along.
"I continued boxing for a couple of years in the local Golden Gloves. Then I started coaching."
    Fairbanks says he started coaching boxing in 1956, and he has been doing it every year since.
He’s quick to point out that boxing is much more than just hard hits.
"We try to explain to the kids that we coach that boxing is immaterial. It’s hard work, discipline, and sportsmanship. These are lessons they need to learn."
    Fairbanks continues to teach boxing for nothing more than the love of the sport.
"We all get paid the same, which is nothing. We’re all volunteers. It has always been that way, and we don’t charge the boxers anything to come here."
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