What’s Trending on 2/2/16? #StickerKid Leads the Pack

It appears Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucuses, but the real winner during last night’s victory speeches was Sticker Kid.
On the left side of the stage a guy started getting down to “Fight Song.”
Instead of clapping and cheering like everyone else, he did some sort of swim dance.
But that’s not all, some media outlets showing Clinton’s speech from Iowa offered a wider view of the candidate and Sticker Kid had several other antics.
This guy put the campaign stickers on his cheeks and then proceeded to mouth along to Clinton’s speech.
The Drake University student tweeted early this morning, “Momma, I’m sorry.”

China’s National Space Administration Agency just released some High-Definition Photos of the Moon.
The photos, in true color, were taken during the agency’s December 2013 moon landing.
The images show the moon’s crust in true color and spectacular detail.
The photos can be downloaded on the agency’s website.

After 15 years – a few passenger perks are making a comeback on US flights – including free snacks!
American will bring back complimentary treats for its economy class passengers in the coming months.
United made the same announcement a few weeks ago.

Have fun trying to figure out which network “Thursday Night Football” will be on in the Fall.
The NFL signed a deal with CBS and NBC to share ten Thursday games next season.
The past two seasons, CBS did the games in partnership with the NFL Network.
The deal increases the number of games on broadcast TV by two.

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